Survey Junkie Review – Earn Money at Home by Doing Surveys

Do you like the idea of getting paid for giving your opinions and suggestions about products, services, and societal issues and conditions?

For giving answers to questions about yourself, including questions about your interests, your activities, your experiences, your needs, your desires, what you like, and what you dislike?

If the answer is yes, then Survey Junkie might be a site you’ll want to join.

What is Survey Junkie?

Founded in 2013, Survey Junkie is a company that rewards people with cash and e-gift cards for completing online surveys in their spare time.

It has a good reputation, and I consider it to be one of the top five survey sites right now.

Who can join Survey Junkie?

Any person who’s 13 years old or older and resides in the United States, Canada, or Australia is allowed to become a Survey Junkie member.

About Signing Up and Earning Money and Gift Cards with Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is completely free to join, and the registration process is easy and quick.

The only information you’ll be required to provide on the registration form is your email address, your zip code, your date of birth, your gender, your first name, your last name, and the password you’ll choose to use.

Like many survey sites, Survey Junkie has a points-based rewards system. This means that when you complete a survey, the company will credit points, instead of dollars and cents, to your Survey Junkie account.

Once you have enough points in your account to get a reward, you can redeem your points for an e-gift card or for real money.

100 points is worth $1.00. You need to have at least 1,000 points ($10.00) in your Survey Junkie account to request a reward.

Don’t worry. By doing just 4 or 5 surveys per day, you can earn 1,000 points in a short time frame (1 or 2 weeks).

Just make sure you complete your profile and complete as many profile questionnaires as you can, so Survey Junkie can match you with surveys you’re likely to qualify for.

Also, check your email often for notifications about new surveys and focus group studies you’re eligible to participate in.

So… with all of that said, here are the steps you need to take to receive cash and gift cards from Survey Junkie:

1) Fill out and submit the free registration form.

2) Check your email account to confirm the email address you used to sign up.

3) Complete your new Survey Junkie account profile.

4) Complete the surveys you qualify for and want to do.

5) Redeem the points you’ve earned for cash or an e-gift card, once you’ve accumulated enough points to get the reward you want.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

And, making it sweeter, Survey Junkie will give you 255 points ($2.55) for:

==> signing up and setting up your preferences (25 points),

==> confirming your email address (25 points),

==> taking a brief “How It Works” tour of the site (5 points),

==> completing your profile (50 points), and

==> adding the Survey Junkie extension to your web browser (150 points).

They’ll also give you 10 points for each profile questionnaire you complete.

When I signed up, I did everything except install the extension. So, I earned 105 points. It took me 7 or 8 minutes.

Since 100 points equals $1.00, that means I earned $1.05 with the site in less than 10 minutes, just by doing really easy things.

And I think I was completing the tasks at a slow pace.

You might get them done faster than I did. So, if you do everything in the checklist, you might earn the full $2.55 in 4 or 5 minutes.

How much time does it take to do the surveys?

The amount of time each survey takes to complete varies, but they usually take 1 – 20 minutes.

The estimated time to complete a survey will usually be stated in the survey’s description.

How much will you earn for each survey?

How much each survey is worth varies. Some surveys are worth 200 points ($2.00) or more.

But for most surveys, you’ll earn 10 – 100 points ($0.10 – $1.00).

What payment options are available?

Survey Junkie pays members in e-gift cards, through PayPal, and by direct deposit into a bank account.

How long does it take to get paid?

In most cases, rewards are delivered instantly.

So, usually, you won’t have to wait for weeks or days to receive your money, if you choose to get paid through PayPal.


Here are some of the pros of Survey Junkie’s survey taking opportunity:

==> It’s free to sign up.

==> You’ll get 255 points ($2.55) just for signing up, confirming your email address, taking a tour of the site, completing your profile, and installing the site’s extension.

==> It’s an easy way to make money.

==> You can do the surveys at home, whenever it’s convenient for you.

==> There’s a variety of surveys. New surveys are constantly added to the site.

==> You’ll get 2 or 3 points for every survey you start and get disqualified for.

==> The minimum payout threshold (1,000 points/$10) is low, compared to the minimum payout threshold on some of the other survey sites. Some sites require members to have at least $25 worth of points in their accounts in order to request a reward.

==> PayPal payments and e-gift cards are normally delivered instantly.

==> Some of the surveys pay very well.


Here are some of the cons of Survey Junkie’s survey taking opportunity:

==> There’s no guarantee that you’ll always qualify for the surveys you want to take.

==> You can’t change your registration email address after you sign up.

==> It’s almost impossible to earn enough with this to fully support yourself.

Not a Perfect Money Making Opportunity for Everyone, But a Good One for the Right Person

Do you like what you’ve read about Survey Junkie?

Do you think taking surveys would be worthwhile for you?

Ready to get started?

If you answered yes to these questions, go ahead and click on one of the “Start Earning Now” buttons below.

Take care, and I hope you’ll enjoy earning with Survey Junkie.

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