About Me and About This Website

Hi. My name is Keira. Thanks for visiting my site.

Many of us like to know certain things about the authors of the websites we visit, because it helps us visualize them, connect with them, and “hear” a particular kind of voice when we read what they’ve written.

Also, in some cases, it makes their advice and opinions more valuable to us.

So, if it means anything, I’m an American black female in her early thirties.

I don’t have a degree (even though I did go to college for four years), and I’m not an expert on any topic. However, I do have the knowledge and understanding I’ve gained by reading and by listening to other people, as well as from my own experiences, observations, and contemplation.

To be well and happy in general, I need to spend at least 90% of my time alone or with my significant other (if I have one) only.

I know there are some good people in the world, and I think most people have good intentions most of the time. But I don’t want to interact with the vast majority of people, unless the interaction involves giving or receiving assistance, is just a cordial exchange of greetings, or happens online or by mail.

I’m not a “people” person. And not being one is one of the main reasons why I’ve always had a hard time getting and keeping jobs.

It’s also one of the things that compelled me to search for a way to earn a living at home.

My Online Money Making Story

In July of 2012, a little over three months after I dropped out of college, I quit my job as a toll booth operator at a water park.

Before I quit, I’d spent many hours reading on the Internet about different online money making opportunities. So, instead of trying to get another job I didn’t really want, I decided to try to financially support myself by doing work at home over the Internet.

I joined several survey sites and one multi-level marketing (MLM) company, hoping I’d be making at least $300/month before my savings ran out.

Because I rarely qualified for any surveys, and the process of earning enough with them to request a payment was so slow, tedious, and time-consuming, I quickly lost interest in all of the survey sites I joined.

The MLM opportunity had the potential to provide a decent, residual income, but it required a monthly financial investment I couldn’t afford. Also, it required me to do things I wasn’t good at or just didn’t want to do.

So, it didn’t take long for me to lose interest in that, too.

Disillusioned, unmotivated, and constantly tired physically and mentally, I went many months without doing any work to generate income. (I was fortunate to have relatives who were able and willing to financially support me.)

Then, in June 2013, I made money online for the first time by reviewing pre-recorded business phone calls.

The pay was extremely low for the time and energy I spent working. Still, actually getting paid for my online work felt good. And it proved to me, once and for all, that legitimate work-from-home opportunities truly existed.

Since getting my first payment for online work in 2013, I’ve earned money online doing various things, such as transcribing audio recordings, entering data into forms, completing surveys and studies, finding information, analyzing data, reading emails, clicking on ads, visiting websites, watching videos, performing searches using search engines, and signing up for free trials.

I’ve also learned a lot about online marketing, which is a vital part of building and sustaining an online business.

Earning Money and Recognizing Its Goodness

Earning a stable, sufficient income without a regular job hasn’t been easy for me.

In fact, I’ve experienced a very long period (years, actually) of earning less than $25/month. And I’ve had to endure some very unpleasant living situations for a long time, due to a lack of money.

But constantly not having enough money made me take notice of how the small amounts of money I earned or was given helped me.

It revealed to me how necessary money is in my life, and that even one dollar can make a difference and has the power to serve a person well.

I now deeply appreciate money.

Do I value money more than anything? No.

Would I do anything to get it? No.

Do I believe it can solve every problem and satisfy every need? No.

But I recognize the good things it can do for people, if they have a positive attitude towards it, treat it with respect, and don’t misuse it.

This website exists to show my appreciation for money, and to share work-at-home and online money making opportunities.

I’m thankful I’ve had access to all of the tools and resources that have enabled me to create this site. And I hope at least one person benefits from reading something here.

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